gribbles is  an independent musician from the UK, who has been releasing a mix of well received ambient, retrowave & electronica tunes.

Hiya – thanks for visiting 🙂

This site will give you an easy way of getting to the common places that my stuff exists.

If you’re interested in hearing what I do or finding out more, then there’s lots more ways to play my music. There’s links to popular sites on the Music page, or you can search for gribbles in your favourite music player – my music should be in most (if it’s not in a place you’d like it to be, drop me a note and let me know…)

I’m across a few of the common social media sites but currently most active on the Fediverse/Mastodon & Bluesky. That said, I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and do check in fairly regularly.

I have dipped my toe in the water with some Vlogs on Youtube, and should probably do some more of that.

Anyway, I would love to hear from you, so please do reach out using your weapon of choice.

This web site is updated occasionally, but probably not as often as I should. The best way to keep abreast of what I’m up to is to follow me on Mastodon and/or Bluesky.

Have a poke around – I hope you find things you like 🙂

Featured Music

Past Pastures Past is a recent ep. It’s a collection of bucolic, chilled tunes – inspired by the countryside.

What people have said:

Wonderful timeless melodies.

Past Pastures Past is a contemporary classical electronic selection that has multiple vistas and textures that feel very velvety in the headphones, comforting to the inner ear and something to admire amidst a celebration of our indigenous countryside sounds


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